2015 Prophetic word for Body of Christ

2015 move now

This year is a very pitvoal year of positioning for the remnant in Christ. For we will be mandated by the Lord, to begin to push with all of our might, out the things that the Father has given us to do. Such that the impact for Him, can be made and the souls that’ve been assigned to our lives can be reached.

This will be the year, we each, will need to look deeper within ourselves, to see, what exactly are the things that the Father, has already placed within us, that is now time, to come forth. Being that yes, time is winding up for our freedom to do and publish the Father’s word in the way we’ve been graced to do so today, this is one main reason, we each, will begin to feel the hand of the Lord pushing us, to go forth, birth, step out in a greater way etc.

Now of course, in order to do this, it WILL require greater devotion, discipline, greater turning away from the things of this world etc. in other words, a greater cost, but yet, if were obedient and correctly positioned, I am here to tell you, what the Father has placed within us, WILL come forth, and as the times do change, which limit this freedom we currently have, we each, will be able to peacefully, say “It is well with my soul” opposed to having the grip of guilt that comes from the “Man I should’ve done this and that, but now, I can’t.” Therefore, let’s do prepare ourselves to be used by the Father to be emptied out in a greater way that He alone may be glorified.

There IS an urgency in the Spirit realm. I hear clearly, to move and move now! As if, no more of that… one day. Thus, I pray now, that the Father will help and grace us all, to mount up, for such a time as this…

Scribed by prophetess sepia gladden November 28, 2014

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A Continual, “Yes Lord!”



When were allowing Jesus to be lord over our lives, then there WILL be a continual yes

Continual yes Lord!

Yes Lord!

Yes Lord!

In other words, once you finally yield to one yes, then there will come the next and the next and the next.

Thus the reason, we’ve been instructed to cultivate our faith. Such that, when the test comes, prayerfully we will die to our flesh and yield. In fact, It’s a constant dying to our flesh, such that His will, will be done. Yet, thank the Lord for His Spirit which helps in our times of need, because I can tell you, we, in and of ourselves would fail.

Therefore, this IS the reason for the filling such that, as the calls from heaven come, we would respond with a sweet-smelling, “Yes Lord”

Scribed by Sepia Gladden

All Rights Reserved

Exert from book soon to be released.

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Those who will Receive in this Hour

Those who’ll be able to receive the signs, miracles, and wonders from the Lord in this hour will be ones who refuse to clock watch.

Those who are constantly bringing their flesh under the subjection of Holy Spirit, those who choose to make their flesh press, sit still, and do even though, their flesh is fighting.

Those who’ll begin to have acess to seeing this realm manifest are the ones who’ve told the Lord, when you choose to move, speak, and display your power I have absolutely NO other place to be.

In fact, for those who’ve been practicers and lovers of being in the Lords presence, I can tell you prophetically, that’ll greatly benfit you, because you will know how to still yourself while in public when the Lord moves in an extraordinary way, in the midst of what you may call an ordinary day.

Thus, I’d like to encourage you like I’m encouraging me to let’s do press in, like never brefore because the Father is already moving mightily. Many are awaiting for this mighty move of the Lord to come whereas for me, it’s here NOW and ever so present, this is my reality.

Scribed by sepia gladden
All Rights Reserved

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Holy Spirit’s Leading


When it comes to Holy Spirit leading us, quite often, were not given all the details as to why Holy Spirit would have, or would not have, us to do this, that, or the other.

Yet, when were not given all the details, because were human, we tend to go into a place, of trying to understand and know all the details before we do, whatever Holy Spirit may’ve instructed us to do.

But, what I’ve learned in this season of my life and am, continually learning, more and more is this, when it comes to the leading of Holy Spirit, it is more than okay, if I don’t know all the reasons, being the details, as to why, Holy Spirit is instructing me to do, or not to do xyz. And I’ve noticed, when I stand on this truth, is that it really helps to free me up, while making it easier to be obedient quicker and or, even obedient at all.

However, on the flip side of this, I’ve also discovered, when I do try to figure out all the details as to why, Holy Spirit is or is not leading me to do something, most of the time, I’m delayed in my obedience, and or possibly talk myself out of even doing it at all. Yes. Why? Because again, I wanted to know all the details, such that, it’d make total sense to my brain. Nevertheless, what’s key for us to remember in times like this is His word which states:

For as the heavens are higher than the earth, So are His ways higher than our ways, And His thoughts than our thoughts (See Isaiah 55:9).

Thus, the revelation I’d like to share is this, when were given instructions by Holy Spirit to do or not to do something, and though, no, we may not quite or even at all understand due to the lack of details, please know, it is perfectly OK, that you don’t know all the details. Reason being, you can trust, a 100 percent, that Holy Spirit DOES KNOW. For Holy Spirit knows ALL things and does lead us into ALL truth.

John 16:13 reads: However, when He, the Spirit of truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth; for He will not speak on His own authority, but whatever He hears He will speak; and He will tell you things to come.

Therefore, I restate, it’s more than okay… that we ourselves don’t know. And when we let Holy Spirit lead us based off of this type of trust, being faith, it’s then; we will be led in a way, where ultimately the Father gets ALL the glory.

Now, being that our flesh does constantly war with the Spirit of God within us (see Galatians 5:17), our flesh will always try to prevent us from being obedient to God’s Spirit. So when this occurs, what I found to help is when I say to my flesh, “it’s okay that I don’t know, because I do know, Holy Spirit knows, and Holy Spirit never leads me wrong, therefore, I shall proceed forth to do as led.”

Proverbs 3:5 tells us: Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding;

Therefore, my prayer for us all is that we will begin to do greater things for God’s glory by simply, responding to the leading of Holy Spirit, even when we don’t know the details as to why. I pray for the Father to help us now, such that, when our flesh is weak, His Spirit prevails and we please Him by walking in this kind of true faith.

©All Rights Reserved 2014 Sepia Gladden

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The Father’s Will


The Father’s Will

Heavenly Father, I thank you,
That it’s NOT your will that we be in a place of ignorance
But that, it is your will Heavenly Father,
That we stay in a place of Revelation,
A place of insight, a place of knowledge,
A place of wisdom, understanding,
And a place of knowing… your will for our lives, opposed to not.
A place of movement in you, Heavenly Father,
And NOT a place of stagnation
Or in a place of being paralyzed or defeated,
Because of there being, no revelation.
For your word tells us clearly, that where there is no vision
The people are cast off restraint (Proverbs 29:18)
And I can understand, how this can be
Because you see,
Where there’s no understanding, where there’s no light,
Where there’s no direction, where there’s no revelation,
There is no hope!
And yes, as a result, people will just go to and fro,
In a zombie like mode, day in and day out,
In complete and utter darkness.
But I thank you Lord, that in you, there is light.
How? Because you are light, and so, when we behold you,
We have light, being revelation.

This poem was written as I have for many months reflected on 1 Corinthians 2:9-16

If you’re in a place of not knowing, or in a place of there being no light, I’d like to encourage you, to please do, draw closer to God because as you do, His word tells us in James 4:8 He WILL draw closer to you.

2014© All Rights Reserved
Scribed by Sepia Gladden

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Prophetic Word for 2014

In 2014, this is not a year to be drained. It’s not a year to be consumed with man’s demands. I repeat… it’s not a year to be consumed with man’s demands. It’s a year, where the Father has given unto us of divine rest. There is a hedge, a shield that’s been supernaturally placed around each of us, such that, we can enter in, and receive everything the Father would have for us to receive.

For in this divine season of rest, the Father wants to give us strategy, wisdom, insight, understanding, and might. And we’ve been instructed by the Lord, to come receive it. Yet, we will have to press in order to get into this place such that again, we receive all the Father would have for us.

After this season, there will be a greater demand on us, for the different assignments the Father will have for us to do. A greater demand of our attention and energy, and the next season will look different from this one.

The Father says, “I have created this time for a reason, and I’m going to need you to come, and keep on coming, into my presence. I need you, to keep pressing and stretching forth despite… I need you to keep turning down things, turning away from things, and denying the things of this world, as well as, even denying your flesh, such that we can continue to meet Spirit to Spirit and I can continue to impart into you the supernatural power you’ll need to do the things I have for you to do.”

In the next season, we will truly need, the things, we receive from this season such that, we’re not deceived or off kilter but that, we can hit the bulls eye and be ye empowered by Lord, in whatever He’d have for us to do, and prepared, for whatever may come our way. For the Father, wants to establish the works of our hands.

Also, there will be supernatural things given and released to those who do press in and wait. To those who can selah… to those who can perceive, those who can be tuned into the Lord’s frequency, for you shall receive from the lord. For you, will be in awe of Him, for the things he’ll do for you. The Lord will be very strategic in His approach to make certain, you know that what’s been done, was tailor made for you. The Father says, he’s going to release tailor made things for you in this upcoming year. Tailor made things, things that as He does, you’ll know, it wasn’t a corporate thing, but was something the Father did, because of Him knowing your heart, your fingerprints, because of Him knowing you…

Psalm 90:17CJB says may the favor of Adonai our God be upon us prosper for us all the work that we do.

Ps 90:17 NKJV And let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us, And establish the work of our hands for us; Yes, establish the work of our hands.

Proverbs 3:5 tells us: to trust in Adonai with all of our heart do not rely on our own understanding then he will level your paths. CJB version.

For this year the Lord says, is the season for Mary and not Martha, in this season it’s time, to let go of the Martha mentality and embrace the Mary mentality. Meaning, instead of trying to do things, to set things up and do this and that, in this season, the main focus is to be at the feet of Jesus. This is not the time to just get in and get out of His presence, but it’s the time to tarry, even if, at times, its dry, still tarry, and as we stay there, and operate as Mary in this season, the Lord says, “I will be your advocate” because you see, when Mary was at the feet of Jesus, she didn’t have to defend herself. When Martha came to question her position and try to pull her to where she was, what did the Lord do? The Lord was the advocate for Mary and rebuked Martha. So the Lord is saying, as long as, we stay in the position of Mary, he will be our advocate. When people come to question our position, He the Lord, will be our advocate, and we will not have to defend ourselves nor say, why we’re where we are. Because again, Mary did not have to say a word in her defense, for it was a conversation only between Martha and Jesus.

Prophetic Word for 2014 scribed by Prophetess Sepia and Apostle Anthony Gladden

© 2014 All Rights Reserved

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Prophetic Word to the Body of Christ for 2013

Prophetic Word to Body 2013
One of the prophetic words that the Lord is releasing to the body of Christ this year is…Respond.

Yes, Respond. This year, God is looking for us to respond. He is looking for a response to come from us, as a result to the things in which he has spoken and instructed us to do.
There are some things you will have to launch out into the deep in order to get them done but do launch… says the Lord, and be obedient to do them.

Now, how do you get the confidence, strength, and faith to do the things He has instructed you to do? Well, first of all, you will have to stay intentionally in the Lord’s presence.

In other words, there may be no TV time for quite a while. Which as we all know, is the number 1 time stealer. That’s right, you may not be able to be here, there, and everywhere for a season. This also applies to those of you who are serving certain ministries within the church and this here, is for the sole purpose, of you being with the Lord God Almighty solely for a time.

The Lord also wants us to make the commitment to Him, and then share the commitments we make with Him with others, so they as well, can help to hold us accountable in doing those things.

Now for some of you, this may be extremely hard for you to grasp, because some are extremely way too busy, yes, with even a bunch of good things.

And then for others, some have a church relationship yet, not an intimate, one on one with the Lord relationship, where He can even show them what those things are that He even wants them to respond to. Yet, because of the Lords great love toward them, as they do take the time, to make the sacrifice in order, to get into His presence, I guarantee they will know what those things are. Because see, in the Lord’s presence He does give strategy, He does give instructions.

For some of you, who went on a consecration at the end of last year or the beginning of this year, the Lord is saying, that this was not your normal consecration, but this consecration was one in which, the Lord did a miraculous shift in the lives of those who were serious. For He gave instructions and will be giving further instructions, and if we follow them, we will see ourselves not only please, the Lord God Almighty but we, will as well, see the Lord pleasing us, as we go forth, in obedience and do these things.

Now the things that the Lord has instructed us to do, make no doubt about it, they are things that will cost. It will cost us our time, it will cost our resources, it will cost us to die more and more to our flesh, but God Almighty is faithful and He will reward us openly just as He has said He would, in Matthew if we do indeed respond.

So the question is this…what is it, that the Lord wants you to respond to today, what is it? Do share and I will stand in prayer for you, as you respond.
Prophetess Sepia Gladden
All Rights Reserved

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