What in the World is Happening?


With all of this chaos, we here, in the states are beginning to see

The uproar, the tension, the division between this and that

The economic turmoil, the increase of lawlessness throughout the land

Many are sitting around completely shocked,

Questioning, what in the world is happening?

So, I state…

The world is happening,

The world is doing as the world does

You see plainly, without Christ, the Chief Cornerstone and the rejecting of Him,

There IS Hell on Earth

Yet, you see, when you are in Christ

And are disciplining yourself, to submit to His authority and study His word,

Being, His book of history, present, and future

Being the Bible, which includes the book of Revelation, and the prophecies

The Bible in its entirety

Then you’re NOT in the dark, but in the light

You ARE kept by His Shalom (His all-encompassing peace see John 14:27)

While knowing, all this that we see and now and will continue to see,

IS the foretold word, coming to pass

Though yes, we each are affected in different ways, as a result to living in this world

Still, we are not to be freaking out, as if shocked or perplexed to the unraveling

Because, there also is a simultaneous work of establishment

Being executed by the Heavenly Father

So instead, we should be on our post, as watchman praying,

Peace, comfort, salvation, repentance, and seeing where the Father

Would have for us to be as His hands and feet

To promote reconciliation and not division

To promote love and not hate

To promote healing and not harm

To declare His warning

So in this, we as the body, have to really take a deep and introspective look

And ask ourselves, are we looking, acting and responding just like

those who are in this world?

Are we intentionally guarding our emotions from the worlds report such that,

We can move synchronized to the Father’s command vs. man?

Because though, the world is happening, again, at the same time, God is happening,

Yes, His foretold word is unfolding

And what we’re witnessing, is that in which,

We were already told MUST happen before His establishment of… located in His word.

So I exhort you, encourage you, to prepare yourself now,

Because all that you see, for a time,

Shall all continue to escalate at an unprecedented rate

Yet do know, if you’re in Christ and He is in you

And you’re constantly aiming to yield to His Set Apart Spirit

Then in Him,

You SHALL see the glory of the Lord despite…

And you shall see your part, your purpose to fulfill during these times

Such that, you are used to be a part of the solution opposed to the problem.

By being immersed in the Messiah, you will be able to know how to navigate

And will be kept with a sound mind that He has already given to you

Opposed to being frazzled to no end, paralyzed, stuck, fear stricken,

Involved in projects that are only exerting your energy, time, and effort,

Good projects yes, but not meant to be accomplished with your hand, your fingerprint.

So let’s all DO, tune in to hear, what the Lord has already said, is saying, and will say,

While asking ourselves, if we are indeed, positioned to hear the Lord.

Know this the Father, the Almighty is NOT coming like a thief in the night

To the children of light let’s correct that misinterpretation

For indeed, you see He is only coming as a thief,

To the children of darkness (see 1 Thessalonians 5:4)

So, if you’re in the light, it’ll be apparent as to what is going on,

For you will see the evident signs of the time.

So as the world scrambles around here, like they are going out of their minds

You, on the other hand, can hold on to His peace

That peace He said, He gave to us

A peace the world did not give

But again, His peace that He said He already gave (see John 14:27)

See in truth, the Messiah has and does unveil to His disciples, taught ones,

His people, who’ve come into His secret place to inquire,

The remnant, the ability to know and NOT be kept in the dark.

Therefore fret not, because in reality, we should be rejoicing,

Because, we have been chosen to help usher in, a greater revealing of His Kingdom.

Thus demand your soul to be ye still and set your gaze

Upon that which is eternal vs. that which is only temporal (see Colossians 3:1-4)

Prophetess Sepia Gladden

All Rights Reserved 2016



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