Don’t Clock Watch

Dont clock watch

In this hour of time the Father IS moving very profoundly however, very few of us will see this because many of us, are just way to busy, got to go here, gotta go there. However, those who will see the Lord move in this hour will be those who are more than willing to wait upon Him, NO matter how long it takes, or how long our flesh may have to be inconvenienced. And this can relate to the times when we are either in church or just out in the restaurant.

Let me give you an example, one day I went to eat with my children and in doing so, I really planned to be there for only a few minutes, BUT I saw the Lord started moving and so, I refused to go anywhere until  I sat and saw everything the Father wanted me to see, and boy, am I glad I did, for the Lord used this individual to begin to prophesy to me and my girls, a completely accurate word. One that left me in complete awe of the Father to this day, though it’s been almost four years ago since this happened.  So this is just one reference, for if I had been quick to move, I would have missed so much, but because I chose to bring my flesh under subjection to the move of the Holy Spirit me and my kids life were forever impacted.

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