2015 Prophetic word for Body of Christ

2015 move now

This year is a very pitvoal year of positioning for the remnant in Christ. For we will be mandated by the Lord, to begin to push with all of our might, out the things that the Father has given us to do. Such that the impact for Him, can be made and the souls that’ve been assigned to our lives can be reached.

This will be the year, we each, will need to look deeper within ourselves, to see, what exactly are the things that the Father, has already placed within us, that is now time, to come forth. Being that yes, time is winding up for our freedom to do and publish the Father’s word in the way we’ve been graced to do so today, this is one main reason, we each, will begin to feel the hand of the Lord pushing us, to go forth, birth, step out in a greater way etc.

Now of course, in order to do this, it WILL require greater devotion, discipline, greater turning away from the things of this world etc. in other words, a greater cost, but yet, if were obedient and correctly positioned, I am here to tell you, what the Father has placed within us, WILL come forth, and as the times do change, which limit this freedom we currently have, we each, will be able to peacefully, say “It is well with my soul” opposed to having the grip of guilt that comes from the “Man I should’ve done this and that, but now, I can’t.” Therefore, let’s do prepare ourselves to be used by the Father to be emptied out in a greater way that He alone may be glorified.

There IS an urgency in the Spirit realm. I hear clearly, to move and move now! As if, no more of that… one day. Thus, I pray now, that the Father will help and grace us all, to mount up, for such a time as this…

Scribed by prophetess sepia gladden November 28, 2014

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