Those who will Receive in this Hour

Those who’ll be able to receive the signs, miracles, and wonders from the Lord in this hour will be ones who refuse to clock watch.

Those who are constantly bringing their flesh under the subjection of Holy Spirit, those who choose to make their flesh press, sit still, and do even though, their flesh is fighting.

Those who’ll begin to have acess to seeing this realm manifest are the ones who’ve told the Lord, when you choose to move, speak, and display your power I have absolutely NO other place to be.

In fact, for those who’ve been practicers and lovers of being in the Lords presence, I can tell you prophetically, that’ll greatly benfit you, because you will know how to still yourself while in public when the Lord moves in an extraordinary way, in the midst of what you may call an ordinary day.

Thus, I’d like to encourage you like I’m encouraging me to let’s do press in, like never brefore because the Father is already moving mightily. Many are awaiting for this mighty move of the Lord to come whereas for me, it’s here NOW and ever so present, this is my reality.

Scribed by sepia gladden
All Rights Reserved

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