Prophetic Word to the Body of Christ for 2013

Prophetic Word to Body 2013
One of the prophetic words that the Lord is releasing to the body of Christ this year is…Respond.

Yes, Respond. This year, God is looking for us to respond. He is looking for a response to come from us, as a result to the things in which he has spoken and instructed us to do.
There are some things you will have to launch out into the deep in order to get them done but do launch… says the Lord, and be obedient to do them.

Now, how do you get the confidence, strength, and faith to do the things He has instructed you to do? Well, first of all, you will have to stay intentionally in the Lord’s presence.

In other words, there may be no TV time for quite a while. Which as we all know, is the number 1 time stealer. That’s right, you may not be able to be here, there, and everywhere for a season. This also applies to those of you who are serving certain ministries within the church and this here, is for the sole purpose, of you being with the Lord God Almighty solely for a time.

The Lord also wants us to make the commitment to Him, and then share the commitments we make with Him with others, so they as well, can help to hold us accountable in doing those things.

Now for some of you, this may be extremely hard for you to grasp, because some are extremely way too busy, yes, with even a bunch of good things.

And then for others, some have a church relationship yet, not an intimate, one on one with the Lord relationship, where He can even show them what those things are that He even wants them to respond to. Yet, because of the Lords great love toward them, as they do take the time, to make the sacrifice in order, to get into His presence, I guarantee they will know what those things are. Because see, in the Lord’s presence He does give strategy, He does give instructions.

For some of you, who went on a consecration at the end of last year or the beginning of this year, the Lord is saying, that this was not your normal consecration, but this consecration was one in which, the Lord did a miraculous shift in the lives of those who were serious. For He gave instructions and will be giving further instructions, and if we follow them, we will see ourselves not only please, the Lord God Almighty but we, will as well, see the Lord pleasing us, as we go forth, in obedience and do these things.

Now the things that the Lord has instructed us to do, make no doubt about it, they are things that will cost. It will cost us our time, it will cost our resources, it will cost us to die more and more to our flesh, but God Almighty is faithful and He will reward us openly just as He has said He would, in Matthew if we do indeed respond.

So the question is this…what is it, that the Lord wants you to respond to today, what is it? Do share and I will stand in prayer for you, as you respond.
Prophetess Sepia Gladden
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