What is it that prevents us from receiving the MORE?

What prevents so many within the body of Christ from laying hold of their destiny?  Glad you asked, here it is, Fear and or their comfort to someone, thing or atmosphere. So it’s their inability to move out, that paralyzes them and keeps them stuck in the same ole, same ole questioning and at times doubting God due to them not seeing the manifestations that they know by the Holy Spirit living within they have been destined to receive. And when you are in this place it produces great frustration and sin. This is birthed from complacency. Yes, knowing that there is more, but yet to not see you tap into that more is a very dangerous place to be and I repeat a very dangerous place to be. However, what it should do is cause us to cry out the Father for His more opposed to us just settling and continuing to do business as usual. Now it’s not necessarily that we even like the business as usual but because we know how to work that environment and/or are comfortable in sense, being that it’s an environment we can see, touch, hear and smell (sight thing) many just choose to stay right where they are opposed to again crying out for that which is produced by faith. Yes, and setting themselves aside in a greater way for the Fathers positioning that they can even receive the new and or the next word, next assignment, next position.

However, the Lord is blowing His trumpet through my writing to say this: “Yes, there is more my daughter and Son.  You’re right in what you know to be true. For Holy Spirit, only reveals to you, that which is truth. Yet, the only way you will lay hold of this more, being destiny, being the good works which I have prepared for you before the foundation of this world is if you begin to cry out that you do want the more that I have for you. Begin to prepare for the shift and it will come.  Know in advance no, it will probably not be comfortable at the time of the shift but know this, once that season has subsided and you are walking in and out who I have called you to be before the foundation of the world in a greater way guess what? There will be joy and great joy with the birthing. Now to speak in even more direct way, some of you right now are in congregations, in businesses affairs, relationships, jobs, in certain careers etc. that I am ready to shift you up and out of that I can place you into.  For yes, you were meant to be where you were for some of you, but now, that brook has been dried up by me in order to get you to move to the next place of provision and place for you to be used as a blessing to others.”

This is something to know about God and that is this for He constantly desires to shift us out of and into because He does have a specific place in Him that He desires to get us all to. Yes that in which only has our name on it, handmade just for us each specifically.

Now you may ask, how do I move out of and into? Well, it is only by us giving permission to Holy Spirit to do what only His work can do in us by His Spirit.  And our work in the natural is to give Holy Spirit permission to shift, to shut down, to align or realign, to cut off etc. And again to prepare ourselves while holding on to nothing so dear that we feel we just could not give up not even for the Lord because those things are probably the blockers.

Now I can only minister this because I have been through it time and time again and I am certain to experience it many more times before I transition to heaven and so, even as I speak to you, I as well am speaking to myself.

Therefore Father, I pray whatever’s standing in the way of me and my sisters and brothers in Christ from receiving the more of you being our destiny that you have for us I pray those things will be removed now! In Jesus name Amen.

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