Receive this Impartation to Write!

The Prophetic Pen!

 The Father revealed something very weighty to me as of recent and it was simply this: The closer you draw to me how can you not write? For I am the pen that is always going and the pen that never stops, for I have written am writing and will continue to write. But the question I have is this, are you availing yourself to me that I can write-through you? Because I am speaking and have volumes upon volumes to be written to the point where in order to deliver and record all I want spoken, my body as whole will have to wake up and write what I am speaking.

Though at times your writings may appear like they are scattered pieces, do know they are pieces to the bigger picture being, my puzzle! And know that my puzzle will come together at the appointed time. It’s like when you hear a symphony. Though it may sound good when one is in their secret place practicing on their violin still, it is nothing compared to the day when that violin is brought together on opening night with all of the other instruments. Yet, imagine if that person never did their part; imagine what gap there would be. Though yes, I’m sure it could be covered up to a certain extent still that would be more work on others and it would still not be what it was originally intended to be because of that persons missing part.

And so, I’d like to encourage you as I encourage myself to yes, let’s do our part. For those of you who need help, simply start somewhere whether it is writing once a week or once a month. Do write! And as you do and as you see yourself grow closer to the Father I guarantee, you will begin to see how you too will be compelled to write and will not be able to stop the pen. Because remember, His pen is always in motion, His pen is always moving, for that same pen was used to write the Bible through many of His vessels who yielded to the obedience to write. For they yielded and at the appointed time the words the Lord had spoken through them was compiled. But imagine if David never wrote! Imagine if Moses never wrote imagine if God never wrote. Wow! We wouldn’t even have the word we hold so dear today. And lastly, imagine if you never write? Let that not be said about you or me. Selah

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2 Responses to Receive this Impartation to Write!

  1. Deehna Busby says:

    Thank you, daughter of our Father and everlasting sister of mine! I am constantly and spiritually provoked by sent-ones like you, to continue to enter The Throne Room of God! I worship Him, along with fellow worshippers like The Gladden family-and it is beautiful to experience, example, and teach! God keep you for being a write-now listener and scribe! May I encourage you in the press today with these words:


    Write the vision, make it plain!
    And record the Lord’s refrain

    Take those Words from up above
    And script them with a heart of love

    Choose the Words that bring new life
    And still the envy, greed and strife

    Put forth the message pure again
    And let God’s voice be heard in them

    Don’t stop writing, Saint of GOD
    The Holy Hope of our great Lord

    The Divine Diary, His Heart-Your Hand
    The Noble Notes, His Thoughts-Your Stand

    Whatever He says, Don’t miss a word
    Some life is forging by that sword

    May come at night, May come by day
    Expect the Word to come your way

    Ascribe GOD’S Law, His Word let be
    So men can read attentively

    And live thereby and be made whole
    Those who follow the Spiritual Scrolls

    The Christ Chronicles, Make known His case
    How Jesus came to save the human race

    And point all Heaven’s prospects to Thee
    By the Justified Journal of GOD Almighty

  2. Wow! I so receive this word of the Lord. Thank you, my sister!

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